Tarot Card for 2019 -“The Hanging Man (12)”



As we begin the journey into the new year, I want to post the Tarot year card for 2019… The Hanging Man (12). Before I give a brief overview of this card, keep in mind that 2019 will mark the end of a decade. There will be MANY shifts and upheavals happening as we wind down this decade and prepare for 2020, which I strongly feel is going to be one if not THE most important year of the 21st century. That will be a separate post in the near future.

The Hanging Man is one of those cards that you will either respond with a “ugh” or a “alright 👍”. Ruled by Neptune and Pisces this card highlights: water energy, spirituality, creativity, and self-empowerment.

The Hanging Man represents a individual’s way of seeing and working through things. The perspective is set askew from what is the “norm”. This is a time to flip things around, letting go of the past and start making things for the better. It’s a good time for counseling, spiritual development, and attuning to psychic energy (either your own or that of others) .
There’s a sense of liberation from past things the have (literally) chained us down, but be aware of falling back into bad habits. There is one leg that is still shackled, while the rest of the body is free in movement. That shackled leg shows that there could still be resistance to complete change and that comes with serious repercussions if not dealt with.
My quote for this card is “Challenge yourself like you have never challenged yourself before”! Any actions set in motion in 2019 will (of course) determine your future. Be adventurous with your actions as long as they will benefit self-growth.

Best wishes in 2019 and use the Hanged Man as a spiritual guide when it’s time to make those changes this year! ~MRT~ ✨✨❤️


If you don’t know how to calculate your year card, just add your birth month and birth date together, then the total from that gets added to 2019. Combine the total of those together and you will find your Major Arcana year card.

Example: 12/25/2019 12+25 = 37 + 2019 = 2056 + 2+0+5+6 = 13 represents the Death card.

Some may add the double digits separately in their birth month and date ..ie 12 = 1+2=3, 2+5 = 7 … but I feel that doesn’t work the same as the double digit birth month/date are chosen for you. I would keep the double digits as a whole when calculating your year card.

Another thing to point out is when to initiate your year card. I’ve come across a few people who use their year card at the beginning of the New Year. Others have waited to use the card from their birth date of that year into the following year’s birth date. I leave that open to those who feel when it’s best to activate their year card. For 2018, I started the year card on my birthday lasting until the next birthday in 2019.

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