Introducing The Lumina Tarot…







Arrived from Australia! I introduce the “Lumina Tarot” created by Inner Hue.

As I start building a relationship with the Lumina Tarot, I will be featuring cards from the deck in the coming weeks. I’ll also explore how the Lumina communicates with the Wild Unknown’s “Animal Spirit” oracle. To me, both decks come across as energetically diachronic and could provide further insight into an individual’s animal spirit.

⠀My initial response when I viewed the cards was a sense of light vs.dark primal, nature and ethereal energy. There are symbolic references to the four elements and astrology within the cards.⠀Visually, the illustrated deck is a soft palette of colors that play on the suit’s elements. Wands various shades of reds and warm colors, Cups multi-colored, Swords various shades of blues and cool colors, and Pentacles yellows and greens. ⠀

I don’t want to give too many details away until I connect further into this deck. Though I can honestly attest the Lumina deck looks to be a wonderful addition to my tarot practice. ⠀

Also, I would love to hear comments from other tarot readers who have used this deck. What are your thoughts and feelings towards the “Lumina Tarot”? ⠀

More to come…  ~The Mystic Rose Tarot~

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