March 20th, Spring Equinox… The Fool’s Journey!

Happy Ostara/Spring Equinox!
Today it’s with great pleasure that I introduce the release of my tarot site
“The Mystic Rose Tarot”. I have a few blog posts that I’ve been privately working on and will still be adding content to them. I truly appreciate your patience as I modify these posts and continue to update information on this site.

So I thought the perfect card to welcome in Spring and my new site is with “The Fool”. The pure environment in the Lumina Tarot’s, The Fool shows a colorful background with butterflies and a fawn (both representing rebirth) looking back at the Fool. The symbol above the Fool is of the planet Uranus. Ruled by the element of Air, Uranus emphasizes the areas of individuality and adventure. This is the energy that the Fool will experience as he/she begins life’s journey through the tarot.

With Spring beginning on this day, March 20th 2019, astrologically we move into the start of the astrological cycle in the sign of Aries. A fire sign ruled by Mars representing thoughts and actions that are pioneering, aggressive and spontaneous in nature.  The Fool and Aries, in a sense, combine their planets (Uranus/Mars) and element energies (Air/Fire) to join forces and to share new found personal discoveries with others. Challenges will be there along the way, but the Fool utilizes his/her open mind to learn and grow from.

As Spring begins, visualize yourself as the Fool and create a pure environment surrounded by natural sights, smells, and sounds. Embrace those senses and use this as means of self-empowerment when facing life’s challenges.



“The Fool” from The Lumina Tarot

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