“The Emperor” – A Tarot Interpretation

The Empirical Four



• “The Emperor” (4) is ruled by Cardinal Aries, the planet Mars (masculine energy), body part ruled is the Head, the color influence is Red and the natural element is of Fire.⁣ This is a “masculine influenced” leader (male/female) who understands and makes wise choices on things that they can and/or can not control. The Emperor is aware of their trust and responsibilities to others. And can have a pioneering influence into the world and win others over with their energetic charisma.

• Please note that the Emperor will be a very important card for the year 2020. I do have a 2020 tarot perspective based around this card of which I will discuss later this year. 

• The “4” (Numerology) represents stability, security, and discipline. The foundation for the number “4” is Earth, which creates a stable platform for The Emperor to work from.⁣






• Aleister Crowley’s “Thoth Tarot”

The Emperor is depicted in red hues with two Rams (Aries) protectively placed behind him. We see him sitting on a stone (foundation) with a resting lamb and a shield at his feet. There are many alchemical/esoteric details in this card that it would need its own post to break it down. But what I find interesting is the authoritative sitting position that he is in. His folded arms and crossed legs form the alchemical symbol of Sulfur. Crowley states that this element is the basis for “the male fiery energy of the Universe”.


• Ciro Marchetti’s “Gilded Tarot”
Marchetti’s design for the Gilded Tarot is well known to those who have worked with any of his decks.

His color palette is vibrant and energetic with a fantasy/medieval influence. Here we see the Emperor depicted in the role of a “traditional Roman/Greek ruler”. Wearing a laurel leaf crown (representing triumph and success) and a red/blue robe featuring the sun, stars, and fire-like symbols. Behind him are the twelve signs of the zodiac constellations showing his understanding/commanding of these astrological personas. The individual knows how to win his trust and respect. This card has a different visual interpretation where the leader is seen as someone who is in command in the spiritual and physical realms. Balancing the elements of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth.

• Inner Hue’s “Lumina Tarot”
Depicts a modern-day leader. Here we see a bearded man with rolled-up sleeves and holding up an Ankh staff (representing life).  This authority figure has reached a level of worldly experience that has been used for his own personal growth and understanding. This knowledge allows him to lead people in a fair and trustworthy direction.

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