“Aries and The Emperor” : A Tarot Astrology Overview..



Rider-Waite Smith Tarot (upper left), Thoth Tarot (upper right), Lumia Tarot (bottom left), Gilded Tarot (bottom right)  Image by: The Mystic Rose Tarot


For every month of this year, I will be showcasing a profile of each astrological sign and it’s corresponding major arcana tarot card. For March 21st-April 19th, I will be discussing the sign of Aries, it’s fire element of Wands, and tarot card of influence,”The Emperor”.



ARIES CHARACTER BACKGROUND: Ruled by Mars (the god of War), natural element is Fire, the Ram/Sheep is the ruling animal and is the first (Cardinal) sign in the astrological cycle.

TAROT CARD: The Emperor (4). Male (animus) influence. An ambitious, confident leader, and visionary. Creating stability.

SEASON INFLUENCE: The month of Aries runs March 20/21-April 19/20. And the season it influences is early Spring.

LIFE PATH NUMBER: “4”, it’s influence on stability, reason, boundaries, and hard work.

DAY OF THE WEEK: Tuesday (ruled by Mars) a day to be physically active.

COLOR INFLUENCE: Red and it’s deeper shades. Influences energy and life-giving.

PERSONALITY: “I AM” –  masculine, authoritative, active, confident, pioneering, humanitarian, stability.

OPPOSING TRAITS: domineering, lack of self-discipline, impatient, no control

RULING BODY: The head and facial features. Particularly, the bridge of the nose and the eyebrows. Hence the iconic sign of Aries ♈️

ASTROLOGY’S FIRST HOUSE: As previously mentioned, “The Emperor” is the tarot card associated with Aries. In Astrology, Aries rules the First House – “Self” (outward appearance and personality). This is key to how the Emperor interacts with others and how others see you.

THE EMPEROR AS A “FEMALE’: The Emperor, though primarily a masculine figure, can be interpreted in a reading as a female portraying her inner male/Emperor-type qualities. This, of course, is based on the specifics of the querent’s inquiry.

PARTNER AND POLAR TAROT CARDS: The partner card to the Emperor is, “The Empress”. Representing the female archetype of the “Mother and Creator” she is ruled by Venus and is the grounding compliment for the Aries personality of the Emperor.

The opposing (polar) card for the Emperor is “Justice (11)”, which is ruled by Libra. The Justice card serves as a karmic reminder of “cause and effect”, while the Emperor card is of action, order, and stability. Both the Emperor and Justice cards can be complementary to each other, as Justice sets the karmic scales towards the actions of what the Emperor has ambitiously built. Justice can clarify the Emperor’s focus and responsibilities of his/her’s actions.




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