Astrology and Tarot Series #1: The Suit of Wands and their Astrological Decanates.



“Gilded Tarot” image by The Mystic Rose Tarot


Within Astrology, the twelve astrological signs are divided into three individual sections known as a Decanate. The sun travels through each decanate for ten days. For example, Aries First Decanate runs from March 21st-31st, Second Decanate is from April 1st-April 10th, and the Third Decanate is from April 11th-April 19th. Each of the decanate represents a unique personality for that individual during that specific time frame. The planets that are associated to the decanate further emphasizes the individual’s personality.

This is a comprehensive breakdown for all the astrological signs of the zodiac. So what I want to do is keep the explanation of the decanates brief in relation to the tarot. Throughout the year (as the seasons and signs change), I will feature three other Tarology series that will cover the remaining astrology signs with the tarot suits of Cups, Swords, and Pentacles.



Tarot Suits and their Astrological Decanates Chart



      ~ Aries (Cardinal sign) ~ 

• First Decanate: March 21st – March 31st. This time period is double ruled by Mars. This amplifies the personality characteristics of the individual born during this phase. You have specific qualities of being dominant and of passionate conviction in anything that you do. At times, overly aggressive, you still create inspiration in others based on the commitment in your actions.

Tarot Card Association: “Two of Wands”  represents inspiration, creative freedom, and the power of making choices.

• Second Decanate: April 1st – April 10th. This time period is ruled by the Sun, which adds a different firey nature to this Aries personality. The Sun’s personality is one of pride, energy, and loyalty. A person born during this decanate is highly ambitious and has an attractive personality to others. You live life to the fullest and you are one to make sure you leave behind a legacy for others.

Tarot Card Association: “Three of Wands”  represents planning ahead, a visionary approach with your actions, and attracting those who can help you succeed with your plans.

• Third Decanate:  April 11th – April 19th.  This time period is ruled by Jupiter. When combined with Mars these planets create a individual personality who enjoys freedom, traveling, and looking beyond the horizon. You are one who enjoys expanding ones own knowledge, and having a interest in metaphysical systems.

Tarot Card Association: “Four of Wands” represents a time of freedom, celebration, and harmony in ones life.



~ Leo (Fixed sign) ~

• First Decanate:  July 23rd – August 1st. This time period is double ruled by the Sun. This amplifies the personality characteristics of the individual born during this phase. You are highly creative and a natural born artist. A energetic leader who has a flair to inspire and motivate others. You are self-expressive in letting people know how you feel.

Tarot Card Association: “Five of Wands”  represents conflict and challenges. A time to confront these issues and stand firm in your point of view. Be open minded to others opinion.

• Second Decanate: August 2nd – August 12th. This time period is ruled by Jupiter. Combined with Leo’s ruling Sun, this decanate emphasizes an expansion of intellect and visionary goals. The individual’s personality is ambitious in expanding one’s own knowledge and pride in achieving one’s goals. Mental stimulation is key for the individual born during this second decanate.

Tarot Card Association: “Six of Wands”  represents advancement towards success, working and building a good reputation within the community, and self confidence and  inspiration as a leader.

• Third Decanate: August 13th – August 22nd. This time period is ruled by Mars. Combined with Leo’s ruling Sun, energetic Mars gives this individual personality a drive for the pursuit of new ideas and challenges. At times, you find yourself having spontaneous bursts of energy towards a project and giving it all your best, but once completed you can easily burn out. Also, you are known for being impatient and temperamental.

Tarot Card Association: “Seven of Wands”  represents personal integrity, defending your own “Self” and beliefs. A inspiration to others.



~ Sagittarius (Mutable sign) ~

• First Decanate:  November 22nd – December 1st. This time period is ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarius’ ruling planet of Jupiter emphasizes knowledge and devotion for those born during this time frame. Sagittarius is a sign that seeks adventure, a deeper understanding of life and human nature. You are a believer of freedom and choosing what is in your best interest.

Tarot Card Association: “Eight of Wands”  represents rapid movement and growth. A time of renewed energy and momentum in achieving goals and pursuing opportunities. Be mindful in using your intuition and knowledge when pursuing these interests.

• Second Decanate: December 2nd – December 11th. This time period is ruled by Mars. A combination of active Mars with Jupiter’s expansive nature emphasizes self -exploration. An individual who is brave and quite generous to others. You instill inspiration in others more so than any other Fire sign decanate. With high goals of achievement, you are seen as reliable and thorough with any task. A strong independent nature in all you do enforces your character.

Tarot Card Association: “Nine of Wands” represents independence, dedication in your actions, and disciplined knowledge. Courage is key in the “Nine of Wands”. Overcoming challenges has been taxing for you. Stand strong with what you have built and know that all of this will pay off soon.

• Third Decanate: December 12th – December 21st. This time period is ruled by the Sun. Combined with Jupiter this time frame reflects an individual who is exploring self enlightenment. This person is deeply intuitive and has a need to expand one’s own horizons. There is a interest in writing and teaching, and a love for art and beauty.

Tarot Card Association: “Ten of Wands” represents completion and responsibilities. Things have turned full circle on this path of Wands. You have finished a goal that you are feeling a bit overwhelmed from, but satisfied with the results. There are burdens remaining and a sense of personal resentment. Ask what can be done to better harness your energy and to resolve these issues?

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