Astrology and Tarot Series #2: The Suit of Coins and their Astrological Decanates.


“Thoth Tarot” – image by The Mystic Rose Tarot


Happy (belated) Earth Day! We are now in mid Spring under the influence of Taurus. A time of stability, being resourceful, and manifesting abundance. It’s also a period of self care of any physical ailments. Taurus rules the neck and upper shoulder area, so being mindful of these supportive body areas is key to a Taurus’ physical well being.

As noted in my previous post, I am giving a general overview of the decanates and their relationship to the tarot minor arcana pips (2-10). The tarot card associated with the decanates is based on traditional interpretation. It’s tarot card number and it’s element, in this case Coins/Pentacles, are influential alongside of it’s decanate. This particular tarot pip provides further insight on the character make up of that individual.

In keeping with the astrological signs and seasons, this post will cover the decanate earth signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Taurus is of the Spring season, Virgo covers Fall, and Capricorn rounds out the Winter months.

I will feature two other Astrology Tarot series that will cover the remaining astrological signs along with the tarot pips (2-10) of the Cups and Swords. In June, I will feature the decanates for the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

I will keep the decanate and tarot pips chart in all the posts as a reference to those who are working with the tarot. In addition, you can use this chart in relation to the twelve astrological houses. I will be discussing this in a upcoming post.

Any questions or discussions please feel free to comment below or send an email.



Tarot Suits and their Astrological Decanates Chart



~ Taurus (Fixed sign) ~

• First Decanate: April 20th – April 30th. This time period is double ruled by Venus. This individual is gracious and kind towards others. There is a strong sense of knowing what you like and dislike. You have a love for beauty, the arts and of valued possessions.

Tarot Card Association:“Five of Coins” represents a time of challenge, uncertainty, anxiety, lack of support (financial/personal/spiritual). Look within for self empowerment and strength to rise above times of uncertainty.

•  •

• Second Decanate: May 1st – May 10th. This time period is ruled by Mercury. Combined with the Taurus ruling planet of Venus, you have tactful mental energy that allows you to simplify the most complex ideals for others to understand. Your way of communicating is quite persuasive.

Tarot Card Association:“Six of Coins” represents sharing your well earned resources, drawing in wealth and abundance, the arrival of harmony and opportunities after trying times. The giving and receiving of emotional and spiritual support from others.

•  •  •

• Third Decanate:  May 11th – May 20th. This time period is ruled by Saturn. Combined with the meditative qualities of Saturn and the harmonious nature of Venus. This individual is determined and has a reliable strength of character. You confront difficulties right away rather to avoid it. And analyze problems thoroughly before coming to a conclusion.

Tarot Card Association:“Seven of Coins”  represents a time of re- evaluation, reflecting on current efforts in completing a goal, taking time to reassess your energy and ideals to affirm that you are working in the right direction.


~ Virgo (Mutable sign) ~

• First Decanate: August 23rd – Sept.1st. This time period is double ruled by Mercury. This double ruled Virgo decanate gives a rational intellect to those born during this time. This individual is highly observant and likes to understand why things happen. You are witty, compassionate, and carry high ethics, and attract similar like minded people.

Tarot Card Association:“Eight of Coins”  represents self discipline, focussing more on a specific craft to expand from, a strong connection to a “calling” and building skill and knowledge from it to share with others.

•  •

• Second Decanate: September 2nd – September 12th. This time period is ruled by Saturn. Combined with Virgo’s Mercury ruling planet, you are naturally detailed oriented, adaptable and a planner. This individual is a perfectionist who can be too hard on one’s self if things don’t go as planned.

Tarot Card Association:“Nine of Coins”  represents the final steps towards fulfilling   your goal through hard work and focus, a time of happiness and recognition.

•  •  •

• Third Decanate:  September 13th – September 22nd. This time period is ruled by Venus. Combined with Virgo’s Mercury and sociable Venus, you seek the approval of others. You have a sense of of style and artistic influence in your image and environment. Your independent nature suits you best for being self employed.

Tarot Card Association: “Ten of Coins”  represents prosperity and abundance in all areas of your life, an understanding of the challenges that got you to this point of completion, a time to celebrate success and permanency.



~ Capricorn (Cardinal sign) ~

• First Decanate: December 22nd – December 31st. This time period is double ruled by Saturn, a planet known for discipline. A individual born during this time is someone who takes the role of responsibility to it’s fullest extent. Once you have set a goal you are whole-heartedly committed until it’s completion. You have a hard and soft approach when working through issues.

Tarot Card Association:“Two of Coins”  represents expanding your perspective, flexibility, focus on the balance of work, pleasure, and self spirituality.

•  •

• Second Decanate: January 1st – January 10th. This time period is ruled by Venus. With Capricorn’s rigid Saturn ruling, in comes the gentleness of Venus. This individual has a calm demeanor and warm personality. You get things done as you’re practical with your time. Solitude is key in maintaining personal balance.

Tarot Card Association:“Three of Coins”  represents creative skills and potential. A idea/project has been established, focus on your skills to move forward and enlist those who can be of guidance to assist in maintaining your vision.

•  •  •

• Third Decanate:  January 11th – January 19th. This time period is ruled by Mercury. Mercury rules the mind and complemented with Saturn’s discipline nature, you are adaptable with different people and in situations. This individual has a quick thinking mind and one who sees both sides of things. You have a spiritual side that others admirer.

Tarot Card Association:“Four of Coins”  represents structure and order. A sense of self worth and value. Duality and awareness of what has been achieved. Be aware of overly protecting and controlling what you have. Allow abundance and opportunities to move freely.

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