“Taurus and the Hierophant” – A Tarot Astrology Overview..



Various tarot interpretations of “The Hierophant”. Gilded Tarot (far left), Thoth Tarot (second left), Rider Waite Smith (second right), Lumina Tarot (far right).  Photo by “The Mystic Rose Tarot


For every month of this year, I will be showcasing a profile of each astrological sign and it’s corresponding major arcana tarot card. For April 20-May 20th, I will be discussing the sign of Taurus, it’s earth element of Coins/Pentacles, and it’s tarot card of influence, “The Hierophant”.


TAURUS CHARACTER BACKGROUND: Ruled by Venus (the goddess of love and beauty), the natural element is Earth, the Bull is the ruling animal, and is the second (Fixed) sign in the astrological cycle.

TAROT CARD: The Hierophant (5) a male (animus) figure. Represents either a teacher or a guide, traditional ways of thinking, wisdom, and the sharing of experiences with others. Following a spiritual or philosophical belief system.

SEASON INFLUENCE: The month of Taurus runs April 20 – May 20. And the season it influences is mid Spring.

LIFE PATH NUMBER: “5”, new cycles, versatility, pleasures, conflict, and loss

DAY OF THE WEEK: Friday (ruled by Venus) a day to focus on love, beauty, and emotions.

COLOR INFLUENCE: red and orange, deep indigo, and warm earth tones. Influences wisdom, grounding, vitality, harmony, and deeper spirituality.

PERSONALITY: “I HAVE” –  feminine, reliable, patient, strong will and work ethic, practical, and affectionate

OPPOSING TRAITS: stubborn, dislikes changes, overly possessive

RULING BODY: The neck and throat.

ASTROLOGY’S SECOND HOUSE:  In Astrology, Taurus rules the Second House of “Money and Possessions”. This shows your relationship with money and your possessions. This house also provides insight into various forms of financial investments that have been made.

PARTNER AND POLAR TAROT CARDS: The partner card to the Hierophant is the “High Priestess“. Representing the female (anima) intuition, the High Priestess is ruled by the Moon. She is the essence of esoteric wisdom, inner knowledge and understands the secrets of the unknown. All of this she holds sacred to herself unless called upon.

The opposing (polar) card for the Hierophant is “Death (13)”, which is ruled by Scorpio. The “Death” card represents new beginnings and transformation, while the Hierophant card is of set traditional values and belief systems. Both the Hierophant and the Death cards can be complementary to each other. Death shows the release of old patterns and habits and the beginning of a new perspective. This gives way to the Hierophant’s teachings to share its self-discipline and spiritual core values to better understand your true self and potential.


2 thoughts on ““Taurus and the Hierophant” – A Tarot Astrology Overview..

  1. Kalliope says:

    I love it lol. 5 is my life path number, taurus is my ascendant and moon sign; I have a stellium in my sun sign Scorpio (incl. pluto). I’m also a teacher. 😎


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