“Gemini and the Lovers” – A Tarot Astrology Overview..



Every month of this year, I will be showcasing a profile of each astrological sign and it’s corresponding major arcana tarot card.

For May 21st-June 20th, I will be discussing the sign of Gemini, it’s air element of the Swords, and it’s tarot card of influence, “The Lovers”.




GEMINI CHARACTER BACKGROUND: Ruled by Mercury (the god of travel and communication), its natural element is Air, “the Twins” are the ruling sign, and is the first (Mutable) sign in the astrological cycle.

TAROT CARD: The Lovers (6). Partnerships, communication, and emotions.

SEASON INFLUENCE: The month of Gemini runs May 21st-June 21st. And the season it influences is late Spring.

LIFE PATH NUMBER: “6”, harmony, a strong connection to family and friends, intellect and creativity.

DAY OF THE WEEK: Wednesday (ruled by Mercury) a day for communication, divination work, and manifesting career goals.

COLOR INFLUENCE: Yellow, blue, violet, and silver. Airy light colors.

PERSONALITY: “I THINK” –  masculine, versatility, intelligence, and duality

OPPOSING TRAITS: Erratic moods, can fall into depression and be deceptive.

RULING BODY: The arms, lungs, and shoulders.

ASTROLOGY’S THIRD HOUSE:  In Astrology, Gemini rules the Third House of “Communication and Short Trips”. This house dominates how you think, speak, and write.  It also dictates your home environment, family connections, and everyday travel.

PARTNER AND POLAR TAROT CARDS: The partner card for Gemini’s The Lovers, is The Magician (1).  Ruled by Mercury, The Magician has the elemental tools (wands, pentacles, swords, and cups) to guide an individual towards their fullest potential. By skillfully mastering these tools one will be able to traverse life’s experiences.

The opposing (polar) card to Gemini’s The Lovers is Temperance (14), which is ruled by Sagittarius and the planet Jupiter. While The Lovers is a representation of partnerships and communication, “Temperance” is the balance of opposites by creating harmony. This comes by finding the differences within one’s life and then creating a healing combination that will be one of self-empowerment.

Jupiter’s astrological influence in higher learning and mind expansion of the intellectual and spiritual realms provides harmonious energy towards individual prosperity.



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