Astrology and Tarot Series #3: The Suit of Swords and their Astrological Decanates.


Suit of Swords Smith-Waite Centennial .jpg




Tarot Suits and their Astrological Decanates Chart


     ~ Gemini (Mutable sign) ~ 

• First Decanate: May 21st – May 31st. This time period is double ruled by Mercury. This amplifies the personality characteristics of the individual born during this phase. You have the qualities of sharp mental energy.  Logic and reason is how you think, work, and love.

Tarot Card Association: “Eight of Swords”  represents self restrictions, blocked spiritual and creative energies, and vulnerability. Ask “what is the cause of these self imposed limits coming from?

•  •

• Second Decanate: June 1st – June 10th. This time period is ruled by Venus which adds a more sociable nature to Gemini’s Mercury. A person born during this decanate has a warm and generous personality. You are adventurous and enjoy being around people, Travel is key as you enjoy exploring different experiences. Sharing is an important quality for you. You value your time with friends, family, and loved ones.

Tarot Card Association: “Nine of Swords” represents anxiety, guilt, and self deprecation. Be aware of any negative thoughts, these thoughts ARE NOT who you are. Find sources of therapy, self-love and the positive support from others to heal and continue on your life journey.

•  •  •

• Third Decanate:  June 11th – April 20th.  This time period is ruled by Uranus. Uranus  rules knowledge which further amplifies Gemini’s mind energy. A person born during this decanate sees life in a clear (intellectual) perspective. You think first with all matters before engaging the heart. Both witty and at times over talkative, you do speak your mind.

Tarot Card Association: “Ten of Wands” represents acceptance, endings and beginnings, and betrayal. A major turning point where a forced decision needs to be made. Create a new beginning from the abandoned past. Trust your intuition as you explore unknown territories.



~ Libra (Cardinal sign) ~

• First Decanate: September 23rd – October 2.  This time period is double ruled by Venus. This amplifies the individual’s desire of love, pleasure, and beauty. You are socially skilled and make a great impression on those you meet. People inspire the way you feel! A highly creative spirit, you are open to new ideas.

Tarot Card Association: “Two of Swords”   represents choices and decisions, coming to a crossroad and settling with the direction chosen, slicing through any inner/outer conflict within yourself and others

•  •

• Second Decanate: October 3rd – October 13th. This time period is ruled by Uranus. Uranus  rules knowledge and and Libra with it’s balancing nature creates a duality of character. You are artistic, conservative, and intellectual with all your endeavors. Socially you prefer being around others.

Tarot Card Association: “Three of Swords” represents pain and sorrow. Finding  inner strength to heal, and understand about being hurt. A time of releasing burdens.

•  •  •

• Third Decanate:  October 14th – October 22nd.  This time period is ruled by Mercury. With Mercury’s swift intellectual energy and Venus’ magnetic personality, this individual has a strong vitality and magnetism that does well in the public sector. The mind comes first, then the heart before making any judgments.

Tarot Card Association: “Four of Swords”  represents a time of reflection and rejuvenation. A personal self-assessment of one’s strengths and weaknesses. Restoring centeredness and realignment in all areas of your life.



~ Aquarius (Fixed sign) ~

• First Decanate: January 20th – January 29th. This time period is double ruled by Uranus. This amplifies the individual’s perception and quick wit in social and work environments. A problem solver, you work through challenges efficiently. Your mind is highly analytical which is great in assessing issues, but logic doesn’t fend well with others emotions.

Tarot Card Association: “Five of Swords”   represents defeat, hostility, and betrayal. Tension and resentment have accumulated and has come at a loss to your yourself and others. Ask yourself “what have I sacrificed at the expense of losing the trust of others”?

•  •

• Second Decanate: January 30th – February 8th. This time period is ruled by Mercury. Combined with Aquarius’ Uranus, you have a warm and active personality. The main trait that people are drawn to is your honesty and saying what’s on your mind. This influence comes from the communication aspect of Mercury. Knowledge is of great importance to you.

Tarot Card Association: “Six of Swords”   represents transition, assessing past actions, and moving towards growth. Delving deep into the unconscious to get clarity about yourself.

•  •  •

• Third Decanate:  February 9th – February 18th.  This time period is ruled by Venus. The social aspect of Venus has you comfortable around people. Your relationships, work, and friends stem from your natural ability to interact well with others. You can be “detailed centric” and critical of others, if they don’t meet your high standards of ethics.

Tarot Card Association: “Seven of Swords”  represents secrets, caution, and  deception. You or someone else, is trying to avoid confrontation. Beware of your actions and those of others to avoid any potential setbacks.

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