“Cancer and the Chariot” – A Tarot Astrology Overview.


Continuing the Tarot Astrology series for this year, I will be showcasing a tarot astrology profile of each astrological sign and it’s corresponding major arcana tarot card.

For June 21st-July 22nd, I will be discussing the sign of Cancer, it’s water element of Cups, and it’s tarot card of influence, “The Chariot”.



“The Crab” astrological sign of Cancer” – Artist: Ciro Marchetti   


CANCER CHARACTER BACKGROUND: Ruled by the receptive qualities of the Moon (which governs emotions and intuitive behavior), it’s natural element is Water, the Crab is the ruling symbol and has connections with animals who have shell coverings. It is the second Cardinal sign (first being Aries) of the astrological cycle. The Cancer “69” symbol has it’s relationship between the two circles of the sun interlocking with the two crescent  shapes of the moon. The two circular suns represents it’s dynamic energy through the expression of the two crescent moons symbolizing emotion and creativity.

TAROT CARD: The Chariot (7). Self control and discipline through the balance of opposite forces. This card represents trusting your instincts and mastering personal skills when facing goals and challenges.

SEASON INFLUENCE: The month of Cancer runs June 21st-July 22nd. The season it influences is early Summer (Mid-Summer’s Eve).

LIFE PATH NUMBER: “7”, intuition, creativity, willpower, spirituality, ambition, and success.

DAY OF THE WEEK: Monday (ruled by the Moon) a day for healing using white energy), divination work (especially moon magic), and to harness creativity.

COLOR INFLUENCE: Silver, Sea Green, Light Blue, Pearl White

PERSONALITY: “I FEEL” – nurturing, intuitive, loyal, and compassionate

OPPOSING TRAITS: moodiness, overly protective, and emotional

RULING BODY: The chest, breast, and stomach areas.

ASTROLOGY’S FOURTH HOUSE:  In Astrology, Cancer rules the Fourth House of “Home Environment”. This house represents what kind of home you create for yourself presently and in the future. What kind of security are you considering in the latter years of your life? The fourth house is one of the more secretive houses as it is a place where one keeps things protected and personal from others. This includes the physical and emotional home.

PARTNER AND POLAR TAROT CARDS: The partner card for Cancer’s The Chariot (7), is **The High Priestess (2). Representing the female (anima) intuition, the High Priestess is ruled by the Moon. She is the essence of esoteric wisdom, inner knowledge and understands the secrets of the unknown. It is with this skilled knowledge that The Chariot uses to circumnavigate through personal goals and challenges. 

The opposing (polar) card to The Chariot is the Devil (14), which is ruled by Capricorn (representing cardinal earth) and the planet Saturn. The Chariot is a representation of self discipline and trusting one’s own instincts, while “The Devil” is the challenge that The Chariot could possibly face if self doubt and negativity consumes ones Self. By not seeing things for what they truly are and to continually live in the “dark shadow of the Self” one will be stuck in their old patterns and habits. Using the “self control” energy of The Chariot, one can surpass any personal limitations through sheer will power.


**To back reference, I associated the High Priestess with the Hierophant as “partner tarot cards” for the Taurus Hierophant Tarot Astrology overview I posted last month. My connection to these two cards stem from their differing spiritual perspectives. Both the High Priestess and the Hierophant have achieved higher knowledge through different channels. The High Priestess is of esoteric spirituality, which is intuitively experienced, while the Hierophant is of philosophical spirituality, which is guided through a mentor.

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