Astrology and Tarot Series #4: The Suit of Cups and their Astrological Decanates.






Tarot Suits and their Astrological Decanates Chart



     ~ Cancer (Cardinal sign) ~ 

• First Decanate: June 21st – June 30th. This time period is double ruled by the Moon,  which amplifies the Moon’s aspects of sensitivity and receptivity. This individual is centered around the emotions. You have a keen insight on how others feel. Reasoning is key for you when it comes to balancing situations.

Tarot Card Association: “Two of Cups”  represents the balance of opposites. a union of love, honesty, and understanding, harmony within one’s life.


•  •

• Second Decanate: July 1st – July 11th. This time period is ruled by Pluto which adds a more sociable nature to Gemini’s Mercury. A person born during this decanate has a warm and generous personality. You are adventurous and enjoy being around people, Travel is key as you enjoy exploring different experiences. Sharing is an important quality for you. You value your time with friends, family, and loved ones.

Tarot Card Association: “Three of Cups”  represents celebration and the enjoyment of others company. Reflecting on your success and openly sharing this with others who have had similar success. A time of vitality and positive energy.


•  •  •

• Third Decanate:  July 12th – July 22nd.  This time period is ruled by Neptune. A spiritual influenced planet, when combined with the Cancer Moon, gives this individual an ability to reach people’s heart. You connect well with different people, and this adaptability is the key to who you are. You can be cautious in problematic scenarios, but you see the both sides of things.

Tarot Card Association: “Four of Cups”  represents disillusionment, passivity towards life, making decisions on what you truly desire. Spiritually sounded choices by looking deep within yourself.



~ Scorpio (Fixed sign) ~

• First Decanate: October 23rd – November 1st.  This time period is double ruled by Pluto. This amplifies the individual’s desire of love, pleasure, and beauty. You are socially skilled and make a great impression on those you meet. People inspire the way you feel! A highly creative spirit, you are open to new ideas.

Tarot Card Association:“Five of Cups” represents a loss or a temporary setback, and self-pity. Learn from mistakes and accept the current outcome to move ahead. ask yourself, if you “want to sink or swim’?


•  •

• Second Decanate: November 2nd – November 11th. This time period is ruled by Neptune. Combined with Scorpio’s Pluto, Neptune’s sensitive nature shows a individual who is caring and has the gift of inspiring others. You need to find a deep connection in your relationships. Doing so, empowers you to grow in many areas of your life.

Tarot Card Association: “Six of Cups”  represents past memories and friendship. A time of recollecting fond memories and reconnecting with friends and/or your former past self. And yet still remaining present. If the past has been troubled, make time to understand and heal. By not doing so, you will impair how you make future life choices.


•  •  •

• Third Decanate:  November 12th – November 21st.  This time period is ruled by the Moon. Combined with Pluto, this individual has a mystique that people are socially attracted to. You work best in the public with groups of people. There is a strong sense of ethics, of which you boldly speak out on what’s unfair. Expressing deep emotions can be a challenge at first, but when ready you are honest with your feelings.

Tarot Card Association: “Seven of Cups”  represents illusions and daydreams. Living in a “dream state” and putting ideas and inspiration into reality. Avoid fear and clearly understand your intentions and the work needed to build upon these ideas.



~ Pisces (Mutable sign) ~

• First Decanate: February 19th – February 29th. This time period is double ruled by Neptune. Neptune is the planet of illusions.  An individual born during this decanate is seen as highly creative. You have the ability to express your inner self, and are sensitive to those closest to you. Any form of negative energy is a challenge as it creates an imbalance in remaining positive.

Tarot Card Association: “Eight of Cups”  represents self reflection, emotional exhaustion, and the releasing of past values and old ways of thinking. A time of transformation. Ask .. “what is truly of importance and of meaning, while on this journey of self-discovery”?


•  •

• Second Decanate: March 1st – March 10th. This time period is ruled by the Moon. With Pisces’ Neptune, spirituality and inner awareness are key factors that shape this decanate. This individual is very receptive to the way others feel and think, and this shapes how you widely view and live life. It’s this perspective that gives the potential to be well-known at a global level.

Tarot Card Association: “Nine of Cups”   represents satisfaction and harmony. You have faced your fears and overcame challenges to attain the understanding of your inner self, and embraced commitment and action into all areas of who you are. This is your own personal success.


•  •  •

• Third Decanate:  March 11th – March 20th.  This time period is ruled by Pluto. The force of initiation from Pluto places this decanate with a individual who is imaginative and can achieve much success. Your intellect is one of curiosity, and you enjoy to explore the unknown aspects of life; such as the occult, religion, and other spiritual belief systems. There are times of needed solitude from others to regroup your thoughts.


Tarot Card Association: “Ten of Cups”  represents completion and fulfillment. Life has  come full circle in your life. You have trusted your beliefs and intuition, and karmically give out what you have received in return. This is a time of happiness and love in your life.

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