Spirit Animal Guides – #1 Introduction and the Water Spirits.


Wild Unknown “Animal Spirit” oracle .. featuring the Spirit Animals of Water


INTRODUCTION: Last September, I purchased the Wild Unknown’s “Animal Spirit” oracle deck so I could extend a spiritual connection to animals; from land, to the air, and to the ocean. I was looking for a unique deck that I could individually resonate with these beautiful creatures. The “Animal Spirit” oracle was that very deck.

The illustrated imagery is straightforward. Showcasing the animal’s personality through colors and the natural elements of earth, water, fire, air, and spirit. After reading through the Animal Spirit guidebook, I was hesitant in Kim Krans’ interpretation of the animal spirits represented in this deck. Her description of the animals is more humanized, which is fine when reading for a person, but I would have enjoyed learning more about the animals themselves and how to connect with their energy more from an animal’s perspective. Nevertheless, it is a “guidebook” that serves its purpose and take it with a grain of salt.

The “Animal Spirits” that I will be interpreting in this series will be more on the “conscious and subconscious perspectives” of these animals. What I want to bring across is the connection to their natural habitat (conscious state) and how this develops their inner characteristics (subconscious state). This can be translated into a human identity as we share similar traits to animals. We, as humans, are in a constant state of working,  loving, and survival. Of course, these aspects vary under circumstances.

Throughout this series, I will be using the Wild Unknown’s Animal Spirit oracle for visual reference. It is the deck that I use when connecting with animal spirits on specific readings. As previously mentioned, I will be focussing on the conscious and subconscious properties of each animal, and briefly describing these properties based around the animal’s environmental element. There are fourteen animal spirits associated with each of the four natural elements.. air, water, earth, and fire.

For series #1, I will be discussing the animal spirits that are of the Water element. The fourteen water animals are the Frog, Shark, Fish, Dolphin, Stingray, Whale, Octopus, Starfish, Otter, Beaver, Swan, Crocodile, Turtle, and Oyster.

In no particular order, I will start with water spirits that are land and water-centric. These animals have the duality of living and (briefly) surviving on land while using water as their primary environment.




Photo by: The Mystic Rose Tarot



STARFISH: Predominantly based in its ocean habitat, very rarely, these beautiful creatures get washed ashore and can be seen “strolling” down the beachside.
*Sidenote: if this happens, return the Starfish to the ocean as it survives on ocean water for oxygen.
The Starfish’s true beauty lies within its underwater environment and how it’s actions determines it’s survival.

Conscious and Subconscious level: this water creature is about emotional connection, healing, and regeneration. Starfish have the unique ability to regenerate severed limbs after a predatory attack. This symbolizes the healing potential that one has to survive a personal assault.

Starfish Key Actions:

•  use the energy of the moon to create deeper insight into one’s Self for emotional

•  build a good foundation of judgment and perception to clearly see what is right or

•  view life with a balanced perspective, instead of in extremes




Photo by: The Mystic Rose Tarot



OTTER: This playful water spirit is one of love and contentment. The Otter represents the lighthearted side within ourselves. At times, our youthful spirit wants to come out and follow its heart in the liberation of happiness.
*Sidenote: The Otter is very important in maintaining the oceanic kelp ecosystem

Conscious and Subconscious level: the Otter’s main unique characteristic is of self-nurturing, before caring for othersThey are independent by nature and maintain emotional balance through happiness. Following instincts are key to personal survival.

Otter Key Actions: 

•  have faith to let things happen naturally and move forward with joy and happiness

•  finding purpose in supporting and enhancing the lives of others

•  curiosity and understanding of what surrounds you




Photo by: The Mystic Rose Tarot



BEAVER: One of the hardest working and dedicated animals to be created.
*Sidenote: The Beaver is one of nature’s best ecosystem engineers.

Conscious and Subconscious level: the Beaver’s main criteria is on focussed and hard work to bring ideas to reality. There is a selfless service when it comes to completing goals. Remain diligent throughout the process.

Beaver Key Actions: 

•  works well as a team player and self-motivated in starting projects

•  independent, self-disciplined and ingenuity

•  balance responsibility to family and those you work with




Photo by: The Mystic Rose Tarot



SWAN: The most graceful and gentle animal spirit of the bird family. The Swan represents creativity, spirituality, and divination. 

Conscious and Subconscious level: The Swan’s natural beauty influences the characteristics of grace, purity, and healing. Their unique connection between the elements of air, land, and water creates a harmonious balance of mind, body, and spirit. Divination is used to build a deeper mystical connection. Doing so will harness inner spiritual beauty.

Swan Key Actions:

•  pure love and connection to a devoted soulmate. A monogamous relationship

•  teaching higher spiritual knowledge. Transformation

•  being a creative force in one’s artistic endeavors




Photo by: The Mystic Rose Tarot



CROCODILE: A fierce and confident semiaquatic reptile. This powerful water spirit finds contentment in its murky environment and is best to be left alone. Its habitat allows the Crocodile to withdraw and to watch from afar and instinctually experience its current surroundings.

Conscious and Subconscious level: The Crocodile is known as the “keeper and protector of all knowledge”. This is achieved through means of detachment, silent observance, and manifesting energy.

Crocodile Key Actions:

•  patient and with a maternal instinct towards others

•  wisdom and devious

•  take time to assimilate what is new and experienced before taking action




Photo by: The Mystic Rose Tarot



TURTLE:  A reptile who maintains a steady slow pace in all of its endeavors. The Turtle has a dual connection between the earth and water elements. This relationship helps ground the Turtle to life’s deeper truths which becomes a foundation for knowledge.

Conscious and Subconscious level: insight and wisdom are key for the Turtle. Trust the process of seeking knowledge no matter how long. Stay focussed and present during this time.

Turtle Key Actions:

•  understanding and compassion for the world and those who inhabit it

•  taking time to assimilate details in a situation

•  knowing when to move away from a potentially threatening environment





Photo by: The Mystic Rose Tarot



FROG: This amphibious animal is “spiritually” unique as it represents aspects of transformation and release. It is a time for “self-care”. The water element is a transformational source for cleansing, forgiving, and releasing.

Conscious and Subconscious level: The Frog’s water habitat creates an environment to explore the soul of the “true Self”. The Self becomes empowered through purification of the soul and the release of emotional baggage while maintaining this with great personal integrity. This will allow the “true Self” to further enhance it’s intuition and connection to the spirit world.

Frog Key Actions:

•  creative energies of awakenings and transformation

•  excellent listener and givers of advice. Adaptable to different situations

•  sensitive to those who have troubled energies and assist in re-establishing their lives




Photo by: The Mystic Rose Tarot



OYSTER:  This closed mollusk has a protective shell to guard away disturbances from its inner workings. The Oyster moves along with the water currents, thus placing it in different environments and showing the adaptability of its underwater surroundings.

Sidenote: From a single irritant, the Oyster’s mantle is stimulated and releases a protective substance named “Nacre”, better known as “Mother of Pearl”.  As the nacre produces multiple layers to cover the irritant over time the result is the production of a stunning pearl. 

Conscious and Subconscious level: The Oyster has a highly unique skill, which is one of “transmutative powers”. It can shift an unpleasant situation to create harmony and balance from it. There is a spiritual sense of masculine and feminine energy within the Oyster. The interaction of its outer masculine shell helps preserve the soft feminine aspects of its internal structure.

Oyster Key Actions:

•  sensitive to its surroundings

•  protective during difficult times and from outside forces

•  turning challenges into victories




Photo by: The Mystic Rose Tarot



SHARK: Considered to be one of the most “feared” creatures of the sea, the Shark is anything to be feared, but more empowered from. It’s non stop predatory nature is one based on inherent instinct. The Shark is highly driven by survival and knows what’s in it’s best interest.

Conscious and Subconscious level: The key to a Shark’s survival is “self-motivation”. The Shark harness’ energy from within to create a momentum of excitement and productivity in all of its actions.

Shark Key Actions:

•  overcomes any form of weakness through strength

•  self-driven. fearless and remorseless towards goals and opportunities

•  connected to its environment and sensitive to everything that’s within it




Photo by: The Mystic Rose Tarot



FISH: A general interpretation of fresh and saltwater fish as they share similar personality traits. The Fish is seen in many cultures representing fertility, health, and abundance. They are of “feminine energy” and are highly receptive to their instincts and physical environment. A very independent spirit.

Conscious and Subconscious level: easily agitated, the Fish needs to find peace within for true happiness and prosperity. There are opportunities for growth and personal well being that are forthcoming. Trust your instincts to achieve what is in your best interests.

Fish Key Actions:

•  constant movement and stimulation within your surrounding environment.

•  connecting with moon energy and inner emotions.

•  spiritual transformation




Photo by: The Mystic Rose Tarot



STINGRAY: The unseen lurkers of the sea. The Stingray is adaptable and blends well within its underwater habitat. Like the Shark, the Stingray has a predatory nature for survival. It has the skills and the knowledge to remain focussed on it’s set objective.

Conscious and Subconscious level: Intuitively, the Stingray has a built-in “spiritual GPS”. The Stingray follows it’s own “inner guidance system” to circumvent through emotional disturbances that may cross its path. They are “clairsentient” in their actions.

Stingray Key Actions:

•  sensitive to the surrounding energy of its habitat. Clairsentient

•  moving gracefully through any situation

•  never hesitant and ready to take action




Photo by: The Mystic Rose Tarot



OCTOPUS: Considered to be a sea creature of mystery and allure, the Octopus’s water habitat nurtures its intelligence, emotions, and intuition; especially as they reside on the deepest part of the ocean’s floor. They are naturally adaptable and efficient in many situations, and also known to be clever “escape artists”.

Conscious and Subconscious level: the Octopus is highly intelligent and has a powerful “sixth sense”. Because of this, the Octopus can (intuitively) connect to any environment and assess if it’s either a safe or insecure situation. In conjunction, the Octopus is a excellent spirit guide for personal “shadow work” and to release negative energy. Having eight limbs (“eight” is the spiritual number of infinity), the Octopus represents the infinite cycles that life has to offer and learn from.

Octopus Key Actions:

•  focussed, intelligent, and adaptable

•  a strong will to overcome obstacles

•  the ability to defend and protect



Photo by: The Mystic Rose Tarot



DOLPHIN:  This highly spirited sea creature harmonizes the gap between instinct and intelligence. The Dolphin is extremely intelligent and interacts with its own via sound waves. This allows powerful communication and the support of other dolphins within their community. Interestingly, this interconnection with its fellow dolphins shows a boundless trust to its own.

Conscious and Subconscious level: the Dolphin has inherent inner strength and fearless nature that inspires them to do “selfless actions”. They are not egocentric creatures, but one of friendship and trust. Their spiritual nature is of “transcendence” and “rebirth”.  

Dolphin Key Actions:

•  a strong sense of community and use of intelligence

•  nurturer and protector of others well being. Trust

•  approach life with joy and happiness




Photo by: The Mystic Rose Tarot



WHALE:  Seen as one of the most powerful and nurturing of all sea animals, the Whale is a spirit of compassion and feminine energy. Their strong sense of communicating miles away with other whales heightens their intuitive nature during times of distress. The support of fellow whales creates an instinctual bond within their community.

Conscious and Subconscious level: The Whale is one of maternal instincts and nurturing in its characteristics. “Self Care” is needed after examining your actions and emotions. Doing so will release past experiences allowing a “rebirth” of the Self and creativity.

Whale Key Actions:

•  communication and community interaction

•  in touch with the “true reality” of circumstances, and being “Self Honest” 

•  wisdom and inner strength


OVERVIEW: These fourteen water spirit animals show diversity in their personas based on their ever-changing natural habitat. As humans, we can learn from their sensitivity when it comes to manifesting intuition, self-esteem, and emotional strength. These creatures survive their own challenges and become empowered to move forward either on their own volition or with the support of others.

Call upon these animal spirits when in need of understanding our intuitive and emotional sides.

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