Spirit Animal Guides – #2 The Fire Spirits


The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Oracle – Fire Elemental Spirit Animals


The “Animal Spirits” that I will be interpreting in this series will be more on the “conscious and subconscious perspectives” of these animals. What I want to bring across is the connection to their natural habitat (conscious state) and how this develops their inner characteristics (subconscious state). This can be translated into a human identity as we share similar traits to animals. We, as humans, are in a constant state of working,  loving, and survival. Of course, these aspects vary under circumstances.

Throughout this series, I will be using the Wild Unknown’s Animal Spirit oracle for visual reference. It is the deck that I use when connecting with animal spirits on specific readings. As previously mentioned, I will be focussing on the conscious and subconscious properties of each animal, and briefly describing these properties based around the animal’s environmental element. There are fourteen animal spirits associated with each of the four natural elements.. air, water, earth, and fire.

For series #2, I will be discussing the animal spirits that are of the Fire elemental influence. The chosen Fire animals are the (Fire) Ant, Hyena, Camel, Cheetah, Tiger, Lion, Panther, Gazelle, Zebra, Cobra, Scorpion, Lizard, and the Elephant. I decided to omit the Tarantula for I felt its meaning is not of the fiery nature in relation to the other animal fire spirits.



Photo by: The Mystic Rose Tarot


(FIRE) ANT: As one of the most industrious creatures to be created there is a lot to learn from these hard-working “architects of life”. The key to the Ant’s success is based on dedicated effort, hard work, and maintaining a strong community.

Conscious and Subconscious level:  The fiery nature of the “Ant” is one of great diligence. This represents a time to lay the groundwork to areas within your Self that are in need of being re-structured. You are your own “Architect” in creating how your life begins and ends. Be diligent and have a personal conviction in your efforts to build a better Self. 

The (Fire) Ant Key Actions:

•  Remain focussed and diligent toward all your goals.

•  Consider your contributions, thus far, into your career, well-being and those closest to you. How does this affect the wider scope of things in your life?

•  Become a dedicated participant in community activities. Doing so will strengthen one’s interaction with others.



Photo by: The Mystic Rose Tarot


HYENA: As a highly intuitive animal, the Hyena’s survival skills are based on communication and trust within the community it thrives in. The team effort and support of each Hyena provides a balanced collective for all to benefit from.

Conscious and Subconscious level: Creating inner balance and self-trust is important for the Hyena’s mind and spirit. This spirit animal is an amalgamation of fiery masculine energy and feminine moon intuition. These aspects are the sole influence in understanding the ‘Self at a higher level. You are a “seeker of wisdom”.

The Hyena Key Actions: 

•  Having a strong intuition for it can separate lies from truth.

•  Clear communication to those within the community.

•  Showing examples of leadership while remaining a team player.

•  Having an “inner defense” which is adaptable to changes in the environment.



Photo by: The Mystic Rose Tarot


CAMEL: An animal that bestows great wealth, patience and endurance, the Camel, meaning “beauty” in Arabic, can travel many days without water. It is with this tenacity to keep moving forward, in spite of any challenges, that their qualities of patience, fearlessness, and endurance are to revered.

Conscious and Subconscious level: The Camel maintains an inner balance of judgment and intuition. This guides the spirit animal through the challenging facets of life. Remain with gratitude in all your endeavors, and with strong personal and work ethics. The journey to self-discovery is a long one. Take time to pause, reflect and re-energize your soul.

The Camel Key Actions: 

•  Being self-sufficient and of strong-will to carry burdens with stability and focus.

•  Focus, adaptability, and spiritual balance to overcome challenges.

•  Maintain a positive outlook and have valued ethics toward your objectives can lead to prosperity, love, and success.



Photo by: The Mystic Rose Tarot


CHEETAH: An animal of a dominant persona whose sole inspiration is of one of “purpose and passion”. The Cheetah is highly driven in its actions and is skilled in its focus when “keeping an eye on the prize.” Nothing can steer off the course of this spirit animal, though adaptability should be considered if a change does arise.

Conscious and Subconscious level: The Cheetah is of masculine (solar) energy. All action is coming from within and ready to expel outward. Be clear in your intention and what you are trying to achieve. In doing so, this will allow success in your endeavors. But, as with the Camel, the Cheetah needs to be resourceful with its time to take a moment to rest and reflect on your efforts. Overachievement can create an imbalance of one’s focus if a moment of stillness hasn’t occurred.

The Cheetah Key Actions:

•  Things are moving at steady, but fast speed. Be prepared to take quick action, and take time to rest to prevent overexertion while attaining your goal.

•  Fearlessness and tough love. Being direct, and yet diplomatic in your words.

•  Being flexible if changes are needed to achieving one’s objective.



Photo by: The Mystic Rose Tarot


TIGER: The Tiger is a fearless nocturnal hunter. It relies on its acute sense of hearing to hunt after sunset. This beautiful powerful feline enjoys its habitat in peace and solitude and blends well in any kind of situation.

Conscious and Subconscious level: The Tiger is of feminine (lunar) energy, in contrast to the Cheetah’s masculine energy. It relies on its primal instincts of raw feelings and emotions to survive. The Tiger is receptive to its surroundings and sees all aspects before acting out. Through sheer willpower, it can overcome obstacles. The Tiger can also represent the “shadow Self”. The side that can be potentially threatening and aggressive to one’s well-being.

The Tiger Key Actions:

•  Self-empowerment through physical vitality and spiritual balance to overcome challenges.

•  Connecting to the feminine side of one’s Self to create a deeper receptivity to your surroundings.

•  Expression of Strength and Sensuality.



Photo by: The Mystic Rose Tarot


LION: Known as the “King of the Beasts”, it comes as no surprise that the Lion is the most revered animal in its habitat. Seen as being the aggressor, the Lion’s predatory nature sets its role as the ultimate leader of courage and strength.

Conscious and Subconscious level: At a spiritual level, the Lion is a “Master of Transformation”. It is an archetype of peace and strength. Wisdom is the key to achieving this stability. The Lion, like the Tiger, can also represent the “shadow Self”. This dark side is more of self-aggression. Bring awareness to this and do not reject it for it can cause self-destructive behavior. Self-control and self-love are needed to contain any form of aggression. The Lioness is a good example of using maternal instincts and protective control over their emotions and manifest love.

The Lion Key Actions:

•  Bring self-control and confidence in all of your actions.

•  Create an intention that will be the foundation of influence on one’s destiny.

•  Acknowledging the external forces that dominate parts of the inner ‘Self. Use these forces wisely with dignity and strength.



Photo by: The Mystic Rose Tarot


PANTHER/BLACK LEOPARD: Though “Panthers” do not exist, in actuality they are a genetic mutation from the Leopard family. When seen closely their fur coat contains a rosette pattern that is covered by an outer black coat. Hence, why they appear “black” in low lighting. The “Panther” is a fierce guardian symbolizing valor, courage, and power.

Conscious and Subconscious level: The Panther utilizes the power of the moon energies. This spirit animal is seen as “a spiritual mentor to the secrets of the otherworld”. Psychic energy and skills of intuition are key to the Panther’s power. They are the protectors of the dream realms. Also, represents a time of courage when hiding from the challenges of one’s Self. That hidden rosette pattern under the Panther’s black coat shows there will be times when your true ‘Self will have to be revealed.

The Panther Key Actions:

•  Expand awareness, eliminate fear, and discover your desires. Therefore, revealing a genuine side of who you are.

•  Connecting to the powers of the darkness; death and rebirth.

•  Awaken inner desires and reclaiming self-empowerment after a period of healing.




Photo by: The Mystic Rose Tarot


GAZELLE: Known for its agility, this animal from the Antelope species is prey for predators like the leopard and the cheetah. The Gazelle has an efficient means of outrunning and exhausting its predators through swift movements. Being in a vulnerable and harsh environment the survival of these graceful creatures is stressful. Through awareness of their surroundings, the Gazelle maintains an outlook of perseverance.

Conscious and Subconscious level: The Gazelle is an animal spirit of perseverance and self-awareness. It gives encouragement when searching for opportunities and enhances an optimistic view of the world. By sharing one’s personal insight with another individual one can learn from the experience of others.

Gazelle Key Actions:

•  Grace under pressure

•  Self-Awareness

•  Optimistic




Photo by: The Mystic Rose Tarot



ZEBRA: An animal that is empowered through individuality and community interaction. The Zebra learns from others and recognizes their unique qualities. They are tightly knit within their herd for support and protection. Their stripes are theorized to be for blending within their habitat to keep predators away and to be individually recognized within their herd.

Conscious and Subconscious level: The Zebra is a spirit animal representing individual freedom and uniqueness. Their stripes represent maintaining balance and equality in life. The understanding of the “light and dark” in all things. Remain open-minded to new ideas and ways of resolving issues. Being true to your ‘Self enhances your individuality.

Zebra Key Actions:

•  Acknowledge the achievement in others when working within groups.

•  Building a balanced and productive structure within the community.

•  Recognizing the imperfections of the world. Not everything is what it appears to be.

•  Seeking out challenges to learn from.




Photo by: The Mystic Rose Tarot



COBRA: A creature to be taken seriously and to be respected. It is highly intelligent and protective; The Cobra offers higher knowledge to learn from.

Conscious and Subconscious level: The Cobra spirit animal is the inner teacher who externally manifests itself to share its knowledge with others. Unlike the Snake animal spirit who represents transformation, the Cobra is one who has a deeper understanding of life’s concepts; ie. death, love, birth.

Cobra Key Actions:

•  Higher knowledge

•  Spiritual guardian

•  Determination and respect




Photo by: The Mystic Rose Tarot



SCORPION:  A creature of protection and of a defensive nature. The Scorpion is known for its painful sting and venom lodged in its tail. Be aware of the Scorpion’s solitary and vulnerable nature in its habitat. Its personal security is one of retreat and solitude.

Conscious and Subconscious level: The Scorpion spirit animal is a reminder of letting go and re-evaluating things and/or people who no longer serve you. A time of closure and re-establishing new boundaries and directions; death and rebirth.

Scorpion Key Actions:

•  A time of release and isolation to heal and reconnect with your ‘Self.

•  Setting positive intentions.

•  Powerful and passionate toward those who you value the most.




Photo by: The Mystic Rose Tarot



LIZARD: A creature of resilience the Lizard epitomizes the need for having a thick skin to survive. This creature likes to explore different experiences and remains open-minded and protective of what it may encounter. Known for its detachment and regeneration of limbs to distract its predator, the Lizard is adaptable to maneuver out of dangerous scenarios.

Conscious and Subconscious level: This spirit animal is a guide to one’s intuition and to awaken the abilities in choosing the correct paths in our lives. Using the dream state of perception to clearly access our deeper selves when facing fears. Thus moving between the (conscious) reality and the (subconscious) spirit world.

Lizard Key Actions:

•  Using the inner power of the ‘Self to release old ways and to revitalize a new perspective.

•  Understanding the never-ending cycles of life; i.e creation and death.

•  Transcending the powers of regeneration to overcome and heal from adversity.

•  Manifesting movement to harness swift changes.




Photo by: The Mystic Rose Tarot



ELEPHANT: One of the most magnificent animals to be created, the Elephant stands as a breed on its own. Its inherent characteristics of leadership, strength, and intelligence are to be revered. The Elephant maintains great patience and perseverance when persuing what it desires.

Conscious and Subconscious level: The Elephant spirit animal is a “creator and destroyer” of obstacles. Doing so will allow the ‘Self to chose the path it creates. Follow your intuition and respond with inner knowledge.

Elephant Key Actions:

•  Temperance and strength for overcoming challenges.

•  Nurturing of the ‘Self before taking care of others. A natural provider.

•  Intelligence and compassion towards those who reciprocate it.


OVERVIEW:  These thirteen fire-centered animal spirits influence the energy that is within us. There is a passion and dedication within all of these creatures that instills the ‘Self to have patience, courage, and strength through the toughest obstacles and the most difficult challenges. These animal spirits are reminders of  “the survival of the fittest”.

Call upon the fire animal spirits when in need of self-empowerment and strength. Their knowledge and guidance are all-encompassing to better understanding our weaknesses and strengths.

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