Introducing “The Dreamkeepers Tarot”.. by Liz Huston



But first the backstory…

I AM truly excited to receive The DreamKeepers Tarot! I first came across this deck last year during a visit to Los Angeles. I went into The Last Bookstore and dropped by the numerous artisan shops within the bookstore. It was here that I met Ms.Liz Huston and was introduced to her deck. With the deck’s imagery of ethereal and surrealistic realms, I was immediately smitten and knew this deck had plenty to offer!

At the time, the deck was completing a Kickstarter campaign and it wasn’t ready for a public release. I thought to give it some time and let the deck reach out to me; that is until now. In recent weeks, the DreamKeepers tarot had been on my mind in a powerful way. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I went ahead and ordered the deck. That “calling” may seem a bit over the top, but when a feeling or thought comes on so strong, you can’t deny it.



The Dreamkeepers Tarot – Major and Minor Arcana


As previously mentioned, The Dreamkeepers Tarot takes an esoteric surrealistic interpretation of the major and minor arcana. The images are a mixed media of various paint mediums and photomontage which were digitally created. I tend not to gravitate towards images that are heavily manipulated as I feel it loses its pull to me. But this technique is subtle, especially when blended with her creative skills. It works and the images are stunning! There are a few images that fall outside of the RWS tradition, so I will have to re-evaluate these for a more cohesive interpretation. The representation of women in this deck is wonderful. “The Creatrix” replaces the “The Magician”, “The Hierophant”, “The Fates” replaces the “Wheel of Fortune”, and “The Hanged Woman” are all female mystical personas. I don’t want to give too much away regarding the archetypes in this deck, but I do enjoy the new interpretation of these in the major arcana.

DECK QUALITY:  I know there are many who look for high quality in a tarot deck, but there are a few things that I like to point out regarding the print quality. The *color tonality is muted and not very “bright” in contrast. I would recommend doing readings in open lighting to see the details and true colors of this deck. I did a reading in, somewhat, low light and it was a challenge to see the details of each card. I’m certain this will change in time as I connect further with the deck.

*A side note: I “slightly” enhanced the photos more for exposure and image detail so everyone can see the true beauty of this deck.

The cardstock isn’t high quality. It has a semi-matte coating that will minimize partial glare and the weight of the cardstock is light with a “stiffness” for shuffling. I would suggest keeping the deck in its box or tightly bound to retain its flat shape as I found that the cards slightly warp under fluctuating temperatures. I live in the mountains where the weather has been very warm in the day and cool at night. By having the deck tightly bound or encased should take care of any potential warping.



“The DreamKeepers Tarot” – Major Arcana




FINAL THOUGHTS:  After spending some time with the Dreamkeepers tarot, I feel this deck resonates more at a level for dream interpretations and deeper insights. For me, it’s ethereal and esoteric nature feels best suited for these types of readings. You can try to do “material based” readings (home, career, finances, etc.) but I wouldn’t make this my “go-to” deck for those types of readings. Again that’s just my intuitive opinion.

Overall, I highly recommend this deck to those who have an esoteric practice and to those who want to connect at a deeper spiritual realm.

To order, please visit Liz Huston’s website:

The deck comes in two options: border and borderless.




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