“Virgo and The Hermit” – A Tarot Astrology Overview.




“The Hermit”- by Ciro Marchetti’s “The Gilded Tarot” deck


Continuing the Tarot Astrology series for this year, I will be showcasing a tarot astrology profile of each astrological sign and it’s corresponding major arcana tarot card.

For August 23rd-September 22nd, I will be discussing the sign of Virgo, it’s tarot earth element of Pentacles, and it’s tarot card of influence, “The Hermit”.



The sign of Virgo – artist Ciro Marchetti



VIRGO CHARACTER BACKGROUND: Ruled by the qualities of Mercury (which governs the intellect, consciousness, and communication). Its duality is of feminine energy and its natural element is Earth. The Maiden is the ruling symbol that signifies the purity of intention and purpose in its endeavors. It is the second Mutable sign (first being Gemini) of the astrological cycle. The Virgo “♍️” symbol is the basis of straight lines meeting two curves, of which one of the curves has crossed with the other curve. The joining of these lines symbolizes wisdom connected to feeling and emotion that is crossed with a sense of reason.

TAROT CARD: The Hermit (9). A time of solitude and introspection. Searching for higher knowledge of the true ‘Self. A spiritual source for inner wisdom and enlightenment. Silent observation. Interested in the health of one’s self and in others.

SEASON OF INFLUENCE: The month of Virgo runs August 23rd-September 22nd. The season it influences is late Summer/early Fall.

LIFE PATH NUMBER: “9”, an idealist who sees high potential in things; especially for the world and in others. A spiritual guide who many to come for advice. Inner strength to endure the most challenging of times (the karmic path).

DAY OF THE WEEK: Wednesday (ruled by the Mercury). A day of communication, obtaining and using knowledge, and self-improvement.

COLOR INFLUENCE:  Deep Blues, Dark Browns, Dark Greys, Black, Violet, White, and Gold. These colors influence spiritual grounding and higher intellect.

PERSONALITY: “I ANALYZE”- Detailed oriented, organizational, and a perfectionist. Breaking down facts to find the truth and reason in one’s search for answers. Self-improvement.

OPPOSING TRAITS: Can be critical of others and easily overanalyze. A tendency towards obsessive behavior.

RULING BODY: The nervous system and intestines. Prone to stress-related illnesses and nervous tension.

ASTROLOGY’S SIXTH HOUSE:  In Astrology, Virgo rules the Sixth “House of Health and Service”. This placement represents your interaction and relationship with others within the work environment. This Sixth house governs your overall health and any ailments caused by stress and emotional conflicts. It also indicates how strong one’s constitution is.

PARTNER AND POLAR TAROT CARDS: The partner card for Virgo’s The Hermit (9) is The Star (17). The Star is ruled by Aquarius (representing fixed Air) and the planet of Uranus (representing revolutionary changes and freedom). The Star is the inner guiding influence for The Hermit through its energies from spiritual insights, such as astrology, tarot, metaphysical practices. Through mindful intentions and higher knowledge, The Star represents hope and inspiration for The Hermit to fully manifest its purpose.

 The opposing (polar) card to The Hermit is “The Moon” (18), which is ruled by Virgo’s opposing sign of Pisces (representing mutable Water) and the planet of Neptune (representing psychic energies, illusions, and deception). While The Moon can be seen as a deceptive means of illusion, The Hermit needs to ascertain the difference between “conscious reality” and “spiritual enlightenment” to continue on the path towards enlightenment.

By releasing old structured ways and being receptive to new perspectives will allow     The Hermit to utilize the inspirational influence of The Star and to be conscientious of The Moon’s illusionary powers. Be sure what you see IS real at a conscious and subconscious level.

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