Spirit Animal Guides – #3 Animal Spirits of the Sky.



The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Oracle – “Air” Elemental Spirit Animals


The “Animal Spirits” that I will be interpreting in this series will be more on the “conscious and subconscious perspectives” of these animals. What I want to bring across is the connection to their natural habitat (conscious state) and how this develops their inner characteristics (subconscious state). This can be translated into a human identity as we share similar traits to animals. We, as humans, are in a constant state of working,  loving, and survival. Of course, these aspects vary under circumstances.

Throughout this series, I will be using the Wild Unknown’s Animal Spirit oracle for visual reference. It is the deck that I use when connecting with animal spirits on specific readings. As previously mentioned, I will be focussing on the conscious and subconscious properties of each animal, and briefly describing these properties based around the animal’s environmental element. There are fourteen animal spirits associated with each of the four natural elements.. air, water, earth, and fire.

For series #3, I will be discussing the animal spirits that are of the Air elemental influence. The chosen Air animals are the Butterfly, Moth, Dragonfly, Bee, Nightingale, Hummingbird, Bat, Crow, Owl, Vulture, Hawk and the Eagle.



Photo by The Mystic Rose Tarot


BUTTERFLY: This beautiful winged insect is a representation of the “joy and lightness of being” when going through important personal transitions with grace. The cocoon of the butterfly symbolized an inner home of meditation and spiritual growth while it is metamorphosed into a new being.

Conscious and Subconscious level: The butterfly is a reminder of self-awareness while transitioning through personal cycles of expansion and growth. Take the time and the self-care needed to nourish one’s inner soul (the psyche) and, while doing so, stay connected to (natural) elements that will enhance this powerful phase of transformation.

The Butterfly Key Actions:

•  Focus on personal transformation through expansion and growth.

•  Nourish the inner soul through meditation and self-introspection.

•  Maintaining the “joy and lightness of being” through an ego-free spirit.



Photo by The Mystic Rose Tarot


MOTH: Similar to the Butterfly in regards to transformation, the Moth takes on a slightly different purpose; it is one of action to fulfill self- truth. The artificial lights that moths are drawn to is based on a theory known as “transverse orientation”, or “flight to light”. The light source is a fixed guide for orientation purposes. This analogy is applied in the same manner as trusting one’s own intuition (inner light) and having faith that it will guide accordingly.

Conscious and Subconscious level: The Moth reminds us to stay true to one’s Self and have faith through personal changes and new beginnings. And by taking a simplified perspective on things this will allow one to see a clear solution to binding issues. The Moth is also a guide to reveal what the individual may be hiding from; the invisible truth.

The Moth Key Actions: 

•  Taking action to manifest the changes needed for a personal transformation and new beginning.

•  Attraction to what is “light” and trust in its guidance.

•  Discovering the “invisible truth” that will reveal what is hidden within.



Photo by The Mystic Rose Tarot


DRAGONFLY: This iridescent light winged insect inhabits the realm of air and water. Formed in wetland environments, their water habitat influences the connection to the emotions, while air represents the quality of one’s mind and perception.

Conscious and Subconscious level: The Dragonfly is symbolic of the mind, light, and illusion. They are masters of magic and mysticism. Remaining authentic and keeping a positive perspective so wisdom can shine through.

The Dragonfly Key Actions: 

•  Adaptable to any situation.

•  Awareness of deep desires.

•  Illumination and Transformation.



Photo by The Mystic Rose Tarot


BEE:  Known for its dedicated hard work, the Bee is a “living manifestation of benevolence” by maintaining a selfless dharmic practice. The Bee is about community, productivity, and prioritization towards successful completion of personal goals.

Conscious and Subconscious level: As hard as the Bee works it has to remain connected to its true Self. At times, we can get lost in our goals and the enthusiasm we had in completing our goals gets thrown to the wayside. The Bee is a reminder that the “impossible is always possible”. By returning to the dharmic path you will further manifest your energy towards personal and creative harmony.

The Bee Key Actions:

•  Hard work + Community Contribution + Social Organization = Personal Abundance

•  Productivity and creativity

•  Building personal power through harmony and abundance.



Photo by The Mystic Rose Tarot


NIGHTINGALE:  The Nightingale is all about verbal communication and expressing creative energy. Singing, verbal communication, and writing are examples of this kind of energy. Known to sing primarily during the evening the Nightingale is also present during the early morning hour. It is the male species that sings to attract a mate, and if you have ever heard a nightingale sing, it’s quite lovely to hear and even to watch.

Conscious and Subconscious level: The Nightingale represents the creative power of the voice and empowerment through moon energy. By using higher vibrational sound, it allows an individual to feel inspired and uplifted. For example, the vibrational sound from singing bowls strikes various frequencies and can assist in the healing and the rebalancing of the heart and mind. The Nightingale is also a reminder to face our fears and not to stay in darkness for too long. When the dawning of a new day arrives, it is the best time to release one’s creative energy.

The Nightingale Key Actions:

•  The power of communication; especially singing and writing. Expressing what the heart feels.

•  Higher vibrational sound to attract positive and healing energy.

•  Using the moon’s energy for inspiration and to move from fear.




Photo by The Mystic Rose Tarot


HUMMINGBIRD: The Hummingbird is a messenger of joy and hope. It moves quickly and effortlessly through many different situations. Its resilience and adaptability allows the Hummingbird to travel long distances and maintaining care of itself by resting to restore its fast metabolic system.

Conscious and Subconscious level: The Hummingbird reminds us to remain open-hearted towards things that are of great importance. This is a time of great potential, inspiration, and renewal of ideas or concepts. Life is moving fast and self-care is needed to feed the mind, body, and spirit.

The Hummingbird Key Actions:

•  Adaptable to situations and environments. The lightness of being present.

•  Inspiration and Potential

•   Self Care



Photo by The Mystic Rose Tarot


BAT: The Bat is known for its use of light and sound waves to travel and communicate with their own species. This is key to their survival and they rely on the trust of their own to support them when needed. The Bat’s communal environment creates a strong social bond that allows them to be protective of their own.

Conscious and Subconscious level: The Bat represents that a significant change is approaching. It is a sign to release old habits and patterns. Doing so will propel one’s Self to their calling. The Bat’s energy is moon centered and can see through illusion and the deception of others. Their perception and sensitivity to surroundings are very acute and the Bat can be a trustworthy spirit guide through the realms of darkness into light. The  Bat animal spirit can guide you to reach your fullest potential.

BAT Key Actions:

•  Strong communication with family and those closest to them.

•  Letting go of the ego and old habits and patterns.

•  Transformation to reach your full potential.



Photo by The Mystic Rose Tarot


CROW: Similar to the Bat, the Crow is a messenger of change and what is to come. But with a difference that the Crow has an inherent intuition that allows a bridge between the known and the unknown. It is this natural gift that the Crow is known to be an animal spirit with great magical powers. They are also known to be “shapeshifters” as they can maintain integrity while effortlessly moving through transitions.

Conscious and Subconscious level: The Crow represents the relationship of a connection with the past, present, and future. This experience becomes the Crow’s guide of intention for those to learn from the past, live in the present, and manifest what is best in the future. By knowing our true desires and making a conscientious effort, we can fully reveal these intentions. Having a heightened sense of awareness of your surrounding environment will provide signs of what may occur.

Crow Key Actions:

•  Intention and Manifestation

•  Learning from the past and applying this “knowledge” to the present and future. A time of rebirth from previous experiences.

•  An awareness of things that are “shapeshifting” in the conscious and subconscious realms.




Photo by The Mystic Rose Tarot


OWL: Known for its signature “hoot hoot”, the Owl is a creature that is rarely seen, but mainly heard. This is a messenger of wisdom and keen insight. The Owl watches silently and remains aware of its surroundings. Protective and defending only when necessary.

Conscious and Subconscious level: The Owl is a reminder to follow one’s inner voice. This animal spirit assists in breaking through the darkest shadows and fears to only reveal light, happiness, and wisdom on the other side. The Owl uses the moon’s energy to sense the thoughts and feelings of others; this is done through observing and empathy.

Owl Key Actions:

•  Keen insight through observation and being empathetic.

•  Inner wisdom

•  Having no fear of the unknown and being attuned to the thoughts and feelings of others.




Photo by The Mystic Rose Tarot


VULTURE: Being a scavenger, the Vulture is a powerful example of using one’s personal energy and resources efficiently. These carnivorous birds clean up what is left behind after a kill, thus allowing mother nature to deteriorate what remains. It is adaptable and always looking for the right opportunity to defend and support its physical needs and its surrounding environment. The Vulture uses all of its five senses when it comes to perception, which gives this animal a heighten the sense of awareness.

Conscious and Subconscious level: The Vulture is an animal spirit that returns things into balance. Through the practice of perception and the efficient use of personal energy, the Vulture is a spiritual guide that harnesses the insight to choose the path that supports one’s higher consciousness and its relationship with the heart.

Vulture Key Actions:

•  Protection and Defense

•  Personal balance through perception and the resourceful use of (physical and spiritual) energy.

•  A clearer perspective gained from previous experiences.




Photo by The Mystic Rose Tarot


HAWK: Known as the “all-seeing” animal spirit, the Hawk is a messenger of Divinity. It is a sign that the higher consciousness is about to shift. The Hawk flies high above its environment to clearly see how things are at the present moment and takes the appropriate actions to modify what is needed.

Conscious and Subconscious level: The Hawk guides the Self to a higher level of spiritual perception. This animal spirit sees things that others can’t. The Hawk opens the eyes of those in need of a focussed and clear vision to what is being perceived. This can be done through the spiritual connection of the “divine consciousness”.

Hawk Key Actions:

•  Highly detailed in what is perceived; clear vision.

•  Take action to lead and influence others. Keeping a watchful eye out for deception.

•  Power of intuition and intention; use of the “divine consciousness”.




Photo by The Mystic Rose Tarot


EAGLE: The master of all spirit animals of the air, the Eagle practically encompasses all the aspects of its predecessors. This power spirit is of strength, healing, reconnection,  and renewal of the spiritual Self. Similar to the Hawk, the Eagle takes a wide perspective on things and can see more than any other bird as it can fly to greater heights. It is the animal spirit of the East representing rebirth and renewal of the spiritual Self.

Conscious and Subconscious level: The Eagle is a spirit of keen insight, patience, and strength. It signals new beginnings, especially after difficult times. This spirit gives us the courage, determination, and confidence to move through all of life’s ups and downs. The Eagle is a reminder through karma that personal transformation occurs, and by taking opportunities that are close to heart will create a harmonious spiritual existence. It is a time to remain grounded, start with a solid foundation, and to aim higher than you would ever expect of yourself.

Eagle Key Actions:

•  A teacher of strength, courage, and resilience; and a healer of the spirit.

•  Reconnecting and remaining dedicated to a spiritual path.

•  Vision and wisdom


OVERVIEW:  These twelve animal spirits of the sky influence the spiritual energy that is within us. Call upon the spirits of the sky when in need of change, personal strength, insight, and protection. Their knowledge and guidance are all-encompassing to better understand our weaknesses and strengths and becoming an empowered version of the Self.

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