“Libra and Justice” – A Tarot Astrology Overview

Continuing the Tarot Astrology series for this year, I will be showcasing a tarot astrology profile of each astrological sign and it’s corresponding major arcana tarot card.

For September 23rd-October 22nd, I will be discussing the sign of Libra, it’s tarot Air element of Swords, and it’s tarot card of influence, “Justice”.  Libra is the sign that guides us into the qualities of the last six astrological months. It’s a time that we start moving towards introspection, winding down the year, and preparing for the upcoming new year! 




Photo by: The Mystic Rose Tarot


LIBRA CHARACTER BACKGROUND: Ruled by the qualities of Venus (which governs love, beauty, and social activity), Libra’s are natural charmers. Its duality is of feminine energy and its natural element is Air. The Scales are the ruling symbol that signifies balance, order, and justice. It is the third Cardinal sign (first being Aries) of the astrological cycle. Libra’s are very social and are happiest when in the company of others. The Libra “♎️” symbol shows a crescent moon connected by two short lines on either side resting over the bottom third line. The crescent moon represents the emotion supported on either side by reason, while the line below is the foundation for a partnership.

TAROT CARD: Justice (11). A time of making decisions. Finding a balance between thoughts and actions. Weighing out the good and the bad in a situation. Finding the truth within one’s Self and facing any consequences, either good or bad, from previous (karmic) actions.

SEASON OF INFLUENCE: The month of Libra runs September 23rd-October 22nd. The season it influences is Fall.

LIFE PATH NUMBER: “11”, is known as the “master number” in numerology. This power number is about “balance and higher ideals”. An “11” individual has a powerful personality with a unique message to share. This person is a visionary in the fields of religion, science, and art. They hold a high moral conviction in their ideas and will stand by their beliefs. “11” is a higher vibrational number that awakens deeper intuitive energies.

DAY OF THE WEEK: Friday (ruled by Venus). A day of love, creativity, and harmony. A time to spend with loved ones and friends, and indulging in one’s personal needs and desires.

COLOR INFLUENCE:  Pastel shades of blue, pink, pistachio, and lavender. These colors represent romance, harmony, and style.

PERSONALITY: “I BALANCE”- Striving for harmony and value in what one does and within their environment.

OPPOSING TRAITS: Indecisive. Always on the edge and not being able to make a choice on either side. It is only through personal struggles that one is able to make decisions.

RULING BODY: The lower back, kidneys, and buttocks. Prone to lower back, sacral, and kidney issues. Plenty of hydration and strengthening of the lower lumbar region will decrease any potential lumbar and kidney issues.

ASTROLOGY’S SEVENTH HOUSE:  In Astrology, Libra rules the Seventh House of “Partnerships and Marriage”. This represents what kind of mate you (will) have, and if you will marry or divorce. The Seventh house governs partnerships in work and business issues. It shows how well one interacts with others when it comes to pursuing goals.

PARTNER AND POLAR TAROT CARDS: The partner card for Libra’s Justice (11) is “The Empress” (3). The Empress is ruled by the planet of Venus (representing natural beauty, creativity, and abundance). The Empress is the ideal companion for the Justice card as they share a natural infinity towards establishing harmony within their environment and creating prosperity and security from this.

 The opposing (polar) card to Justice is “The Emperor” (4), which is ruled by Libra’s opposing sign of Aries (representing cardinal Fire) and the planet Mars (representing passion and war-like actions). As Justice is known for balance and harmony, “The Emperor” is influenced by Justice in creating order and equality from thoughts and actions. Justice benefits from The Emperor by maintaining discipline, fully seeing both sides, and taking appropriate measures in creating stability.

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