Astrology and the Tarot: Astrological Houses and their influence within the Tarot.


Birth Chart Mandala -“Tarot For Your Self” by Mary K.Greer and Astrological Houses Chart by The Tarot Lady (Theresa Reed)


This may be one of my more comprehensive articles involving the Tarot with Astrology.  I will break down each house in its relationship with the archetypes of the Major Arcana. I will keep the explanations of the houses in brief paragraphs, so at least you can get a general understanding of how the archetypes relate within the houses. My aim is to have the reader take this information and put it to their own use and understanding.

To begin, I introduce the Astrological Houses 1-12.

• First House: “Self” ruled by Aries / “The Emperor” (4)

The House of Self” is the most important of all the houses. As it’s the first house, along with Aries being the first sign in the zodiac, this represents how you are seen by others. Your physical appearance, behavior, and your actions directly influence this. Aries rules the head and facial features so your expressions are pretty evident when you either like or dislike anything.

“The Emperor” personifies the first house of Self. A strong individual who has self-confidence in all that he/she does. A masculine influence who at times can be aggressive, and yet gets things started and sets law and order in motion.

 • •

• Second House: “Finances and Possessions” ruled by Taurus / “The Hierophant” (5)

“The House of Finances and Possessions” represents what you value, your financial worth, and owned possessions. It also indicates your relationship with money and how it’s earned. A key to all of this are the sources you invest in that could lead to a substantial monetary gain.

“The Hierophant” personifies a different quality that isn’t part of the material aspect of the second house. Here we have an individual who is skilled in educating people about a philosophy and or traditional systems. A radical and free-thinking person who can clearly share, teach their experiences and different perspectives with others. “Morality, obedience, and loyalty” makes this person who they are.

•  •  •

• Third House: “Communication” ruled by Gemini / “The Lovers” (6)

“The House of  Communication”  represents how you think, speak, and write. It also indicates your early years of education. Short travels especially for work or school. Indicates how you interact with family, friends, and neighbors in your immediate environment.

“The Lovers” personifies a union of opposites. This duality comes form merging the mind and the heart. Making balanced choices and taking responsibility from those actions. How you interact and communicate with your partner, reflects on your self-worth.

•  •  •  •

Fourth House: “Home Environment” ruled by Cancer / “The Chariot” (7)

“The House of Home Life”  represents the stages of your home environment, past, present, and future. The relationship you had with your parents and your home life during your childhood. In the present time, the kind of home life you have, and in the future your home life and security in the later years. This mystical house also represents what you keep physically and emotionally protected from others.

“The Chariot” personifies Willpower + Confidence = Victory. Using self-control in manifesting energy towards your goal. Being receptive to actions and feelings that you are surrounded by. A facade of detachment to protect your emotions from others.

•  •  •  •  •

Fifth House: “Self Expression and Pleasure” ruled by Leo / “Strength” (8)

“The House of Creativity and Pleasure”  represents all forms of self-expression and one’s sexual nature. Your relationship with children, either your own or from family and friends. This house indicates intimate relationships, any risk investments, how you enjoy life. It is also where your heart is most involved.

“Strength” personifies love as the source of inspiration and inner strength. Letting go of personal fears and cultivating the courage to transform yourself with love and compassion. Doing so, will give an understanding of others and being of support to them. A zest for living life to it’s fullest.

•  •  •  •  •  •

• Sixth House: “Health and Being of Service” ruled by Virgo / “The Hermit” (9)

“The House of Health and Service” represents how you help others, and the relationship with those you work with. Indicates your health and how strong or weak your mental and physical constitution is.

“The Hermit” personifies a time of solitude, self-improvement, and self-reflection. A mentor to guide you on your personal journey and that which is hidden. The awakening of the heart and mind to better understand one’s self.

•  •  •  •  •  •  •

Seventh House: ” Partnerships and Marriage” ruled by Libra / “Justice” (10)

The House of Partnerships and Marriage”  represents what kind of relationship you will have between your personal life long partner. Also, in business partnerships how you work with others, deal with contracts and other legal matters. The seventh house focuses on your personality and how it influences your goals with others.

“Justice”  personifies balanced decisions and weighing out the pros and cons. Understanding the cause and effect of your decision, and taking responsibility for your actions. What kind of business and intimate partnerships you are in.

•  •  •  •  •  •  •  •

• Eighth House: “Death and Transformation” ruled by Scorpio / “Death” (13)

“The House of Death and Transformation” represents the life energy that is of sex, birth, and death. Inheritance either material or spiritual. This mystical eighth house is of psychic energy, and occult interests, and higher knowledge.

“Death”  personifies endings, transformations, and letting go of ties from the past. Release and renewal, a new perspective.

•  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •

• Ninth House: “Higher Knowledge & Long trips” ruled by Sagittarius / “Temperance” (14)

“The House of Higher Knowledge and Long trips”  represents deeper knowledge and philosophies. Foreign cultures and travel to other countries. Literary pursuits.

“Temperance”  personifies enthusiasm, speaking with and being open-minded, optimism. Taking a new perspective on something from the past. Working with different concepts, people, resources to create new ideas.

•  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •

• Tenth House: “Professional Career and Public Status” ruled by Capricorn / “The Devil” (15)

“The House of Career and Fame”  represents your career, ambitions, and how the world sees you. Your achievements in the work field and how you handle responsibilities greatly influence the material side of this house.

“The Devil”  personifies self boundaries and limitations. Not truly seeing things for what they are. Knowingly manipulating and acting out your dark self to others. From out of chaos, a need for structure and focus to create order. Forcing someone to look at their own personal ethics.

•  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •

• Eleventh House: “Long Term Goals and Social Life”  ruled by Aquarius / “The Star” (17)

“The House of Aspirations and Social Interactions”  represents interacting within social organizations that are related to either work or family. The kind of friends who play an influence in your life, and support your dreams and goals. This house emphasizes how you connect with others. At it’s best, it expands on visionary ideas.

“The Star” personifies a time of renewal, creative forces, and visionary ideas. Setting your own ideas and aspirations, and creating your own belief systems. Conscious awareness for the well being of humanity and the environment. Speaking your mind and the truth.

•  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •

• Twelfth House: “Karma and Self Limitations” ruled by Pisces / “The Moon” (18)

“The House of Karma and the Collective Unconscious” represents actions that were done in the past and the karmic debt that is either rewarded or punished for it. This twelfth house is the end of the life cycle. A time of self-understanding of what you have done in your life. Also, the influence of psychic energy is placed in this house.

“The Moon”  personifies illusions and underlying fears. Feeling disconnected from yourself and others. Needing clarity on things that are unknown. Exploration of dreams and using intuitive energy sources to delve into the unconscious state. An instinctive calling towards a goal.

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