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My name is Aimee Candela. I am a visual artist and empath who is now dedicating time to the Tarot and my spiritual practice. I have over fifteen years of experience studying and reading the Tarot. In that time, I have explored different facets of spiritual practices and beliefs from eastern philosophy (Hindu, Buddhist, Taoism), Esotericism, Jungian Theory, Occult systems, and Witchcraft. These influences have all shaped my perspective on how I view the inner and outer realms.

The tarot has been a conduit for me since I was a young teenager. My first divination deck was the “Gypsy Witch” oracle, of which I was curiously connected to. From there, I grew into the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck where I learned a lot about my young adult self. After a long hiatus from the Tarot, I returned with a new perspective to move deeper into my spiritual practice. It was at this time, that I purchased the inspiring Ciro Marchetti’s “Gilded Tarot“. It has since been one of my primary decks to read with.

Listed below are the decks that I work with. When doing a reading, I select a deck based on the energy of the querent and the essence of the question(s) being asked. Tarot and oracle decks share different energy and purpose for many readers. And I’m grateful to have this experience to share with others. It continues to be a wonderful journey in understanding and developing personal insight into our conscious and subconscious, thoughts and actions.

I’m located in the Southern California mountain region and look forward to connecting with you.


  ~Aimee~   The Mystic Rose Tarot



Tarot and Oracle Decks I work with:   

Tarot of the Holy Light (Christine Payne-Towler) new addition 9/2019!

• The Moon Oracle (Caroline Smith and John Astrop) new addition 9/2019!

Pagan Otherworlds Tarot (UUSI design) new addition, 8/2019!

DreamKeepers Tarot (Liz Huston) new addition, 8/2019!

Thoth Tarot  small version (Aleister Crowley)

Rider-Waite Tarot (Rider Waite Smith)

The Gilded Tarot (Ciro Marchetti)

The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Oracle (Kim Krans)

Lumina Tarot (Inner Hue)


Top Row (left to right): Lumina Tarot, Pagan Otherworlds, Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Oracle, Tarot of the Holy Light, Bottom Row: The Moon Oracle, The Gilded Tarot, Dreamkeepers Tarot, Thoth Tarot, Rider-Waite-Smith



“Animal Spirit Oracle” – The Wild Unknown by Kim Krans