“The Chariot” – A Tarot Interpretation

    • "The Chariot" (7) is ruled by the Moon (feminine), the water element and cardinal sign of Cancer. Body parts governed are the breast, chest, and stomach. Color influences are silver, sea green, light blue, pearl white. These colors enhance the aspects of the water and moon energies.   ⁣•  "7" (Numerology)  represents intuition, … Continue reading “The Chariot” – A Tarot Interpretation

“Taurus and the Hierophant” – A Tarot Astrology Overview..

    For every month of this year, I will be showcasing a profile of each astrological sign and it's corresponding major arcana tarot card. For April 20-May 20th, I will be discussing the sign of Taurus, it's earth element of Coins/Pentacles, and it's tarot card of influence, "The Hierophant".   TAURUS CHARACTER BACKGROUND: Ruled … Continue reading “Taurus and the Hierophant” – A Tarot Astrology Overview..