Spirit Animal Guides – #2 The Fire Spirits

  The "Animal Spirits" that I will be interpreting in this series will be more on the "conscious and subconscious perspectives" of these animals. What I want to bring across is the connection to their natural habitat (conscious state) and how this develops their inner characteristics (subconscious state). This can be translated into a human … Continue reading Spirit Animal Guides – #2 The Fire Spirits

“The Chariot” – A Tarot Interpretation

    • "The Chariot" (7) is ruled by the Moon (feminine), the water element and cardinal sign of Cancer. Body parts governed are the breast, chest, and stomach. Color influences are silver, sea green, light blue, pearl white. These colors enhance the aspects of the water and moon energies.   ⁣•  "7" (Numerology)  represents intuition, … Continue reading “The Chariot” – A Tarot Interpretation