How I Read and Pricing



HOW I READ:  *All of my tarot consulting is primarily done online via email*.                After receiving your inquiry and discussing certain details before the reading, I chose a layout that I feel is best suited for you. As well, I may introduce aspects of astrology and numerology into the reading, which can reveal more within the interpretation of the cards.

I am available for public and private events. If interested please send me your inquiry via Contact or email:


I set my rates differently from most readers as I am detailed in my interpretations. This includes my time and the tarot spread I’ll be using based on the inquiry.
All my readings include a photo of the card layout and a PDF interpretation via email.

Consulting rates will need to be paid BEFORE any reading begins.                                      Please read my payment terms located in the menu before making a booking, and allow up to 48-72 hrs. to complete your reading.

Click “Book A Reading” in the menu section for information on my readings.

$35  Four card Reading (One Question Only)
$65 Celtic Cross (10 card spread)
$85  Astrology Reading (your birth date, time, and the location is needed)
$115 Customized Spread: a more in-depth reading regarding your inquiry. ie career, relationship, spiritual guidance, etc.

• Please note! Your birth date, time, and the location is helpful for all readings. If you don’t know all the information, please inform me before the reading •

Any questions feel free to fill out the Contact form below or send an email:

in spirit 

~Mystic Rose Tarot~